Why GrowFast Online?

Since 1999 GrowFast Online founders have run a highly successful IT consulting company and worked with many Australian and overseas corporations. In 2007 they were convinced that a new opportunity was emerging for SME’s.

It became clear that small to medium businesses (SMEs) needed to be able to harness the cutting edge technology used for internet growth by corporations. Unfortunately the development costs to build and implement this technology is usually tens of thousands of dollars, which does not make it cost effective for the stand alone SME business.

In order to address this inequality in the market place Growfast Online has made a significant investment and built a flexible modular (plug-in) business web platform.


This web platform has been specifically engineered for SME’s to grow online without having to incur expensive development costs.
Growfast Online Next Generation websites allow the business owner complete control over their website investment.

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