Top 10 mistakes done on websites

GrowFast Online undertook extensive market research into website development and optimisation. What GrowFast Online found were the common mistakes majority of web designers have made on SME websites. More importantly this extensive research identified what a website requires to be successful online.

These are the top 10 website mistakes

  • Not built to optimise Search Engine Rankings. i.e. Google Yahoo, NineMSN etc.
  • Lacked strategic direction to generate results
  • Lacked control to make instant content changes and add functionality when required
  • Poor presentation and usability failed to convert the visitors to make enquiries or sales
  • Overspent on website design that had low financial returns
  • Inherited costs with being dependent upon designers, developers and hosting providers
  • Lack of tracking and reporting on user behaviour to understand their customers
  • Failure to gain sustainable long term search engine ranking from online advertising campaigns such as Google AdWords
  • Incompatibility across all major browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Google Chrome
  • Lacked proactive technical support, website security, reliable backup