Top 10 Australian mobile phone statistics for 2012

    It is clear Australians love mobile and our reliance on mobile devices is so great that by 2015 smartphone internet usage is tipped to surpass desktop usage. Here are some more recent mobile phone statistics for Australia that I have been pulled from a number of different sources.

  1. 1. Australia is placed second for highest smartphone usage

    Australia has the second highest smartphone usage by population density, second only to Singapore – (Our mobile planet: Australia)
  2. 2. Internet users continue to migrate to a mobile only environment

    The Australian MNOs (Optus, Telstra, and Vodafone) are likely to have more than 29 million mobile subscribers by late 2012 as more users continue to migrate to a mobile only environment. Telstra continues to be the market leader with more than 13 million subscribers. (BuddeComm).
  3. 3. Mobile advertising is growing rapidly

    Mobile advertising in Australia will grow from $9.1 million in 2010 to reach $76m by 2015 – that’s a massive growth at 46% a year (Frost & Sullivan).
  4. 4. Mobile usage by children, on the rise

    In April 2012, 818,500 children aged 5 to 14 years (295) had a mobile phone (ABS).
  5. 5. Smartphone usage is becoming the latest trend

    68% of 15-65-year-olds now have smartphones, with penetration among the whole population at 41%. This will increase to 65% by 2017 (Frost & Sullivan).
  6. 6. The revenue generated by smartphones has hit $15 billion

    Smartphones has generated a $15 billion in revenues in Australia, while carriers and phone makers soaking up most of the $15bn application developers, accessory suppliers and mobile advertising are also billion dollar industries. (Telsyte).
  7. 7. Many access the internet through mobile at least once a day

    88% of Australian smartphone users access the Internet on their mobile phone at least once a day (Google Mobile Planet).
  8. 8. Using mobile internet continues to grow

    Time spent accessing mobile internet continues its upward trend: 4.2 hours per week, up 20% from 3.5 hours in 2010 (Nielsen, Australian Online Consumer Report).
  9. 9. Internet users have started to seek for information through mobile

    32% more information was downloaded via mobile phones between April and June of 2012 than for the final three months of 2011 (Australian Bureau of Statistics).
  10. 10. Smarthpones are used to analyse products and services

    40% of smartphone users have used their mobile phone to compare prices online and to look at product and service reviews before making a purchase decision (AIMIA).
  11. Source-

Mobile phone/fixed-line telephone adoption, Australia, June 2007 to June 2012

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Base=Total population 14 years and over.
Source: Roy Morgan Single Source.

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